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Portrait Photo Editing

Our teams can enhance your normal looking portraits with simple as well as complex photo editing techniques at affordable prices. We not only retouch basic spots of a picture but also improve overall appearance with modifying body, face and skin tone.

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If you need professional portrait photo editing services with fast turnaround time, then you have come to the right place. Our highly skilled graphic editors and years of experience in portrait retouching allow us to delivery large volume of portraits ahead of your schedule without compromising on quality level. With our expert portrait image editing support you can keep your special moments of life in digitally retouched high quality portraits.

Our portrait photo editing services could be very useful for professional photographers, who are almost busy in taking snaps on different events. We can expertly edit and improve family portraits, baby portraits, couple portraits, head shots portraits, sepia portraits, canvas portraits and vignette portraits. The capable team of portraits photo editing at PhotoAlter.com can professionally enhance skin, remove disturbing elements, eliminate red spots, change background, adjust contrast, modify hair or eye color and add special effects to make your pictures brilliant.

What our portrait photo editing services include?

  • Adjusting the color balance
  • Brightness and density adjustment
  • Contrast and saturation fine-tuning
  • Applying filters
  • Cropping and removing blemishes
  • Removing / adding noise and grains
  • Inserting or removing backgrounds
  • Retouching and enhancing portraits

Outsource portraits photo editing services to us and get advantage of experienced image retouching and enhancement services. By outsourcing portrait editing services, you can spend your valuable time to advance your business growth. At the same time, PhotoAlter.com a professional image post-processing company can manage your photo editing ventures precisely and timely. Our experts are familiar with advanced photo editing software, tools, plug-ins as well as different industry requirements.

Here are some of our portraits retouching services that help us to achieve desired result in portraits photo editing:

1. Density correction

By using latest software and advanced techniques, we carry out density corrections in digital images. Our portrait image editing services teams excel in correcting color density, skin tones, vegetation or sky color, etc. to achieve uniformed results for portrait density and contrast.

2. Cropping and composition

We have creative portraits editing teams to crop images in trendy manner so that key subject can be focused by the viewers in a modern style. Our graphic editors can smartly eliminate unwanted items from the pictures while performing creative cropping and composition.

3. Color correction

Our portrait editing teams can correct, restore and modify digital photos color, brightness and contrast to give them exemplify perfection.

4. Removing blemishes

We use latest version of Photoshop to get rid of scary blemishes, burns, spots, freckles, shaving cuts and dark areas under the eyes. Our highly talented graphic artists can make your portraits marvelous by using complex ‘make-up’ techniques.

5. Color cast removal

Portrait image editing specialists at PhotoAlter.com can correct and remove unwanted color casts from digital images. We can effortlessly take out surplus color casts caused by multicolored, tungsten or fluorescent and fading light.

Before retouching digital portraits for physical damage as well as cosmetic flaws, we do deep analysis to understand how we can fix issues artistically and naturally. We can modify our methods of photo retouching and enhancement as per our client need or demand. Our professionals are committed to provide reliable and affordable outsource portrait photo editing services with excellent customer support.

You can drop us an email at info@photoalter.com to know more about our portrait image editing services.

Professional Photo Editing Services

for different industry verticals by a reliable photo editing company in India

  • Electronics

    Light, laptop, mobile, headphone, safety equipment, automobile electrical photo retouching.

  • Sports

    Soccer, football, swimming, boxing, bicycle race, cricket, field, players, badminton, photo retouching.

  • Photo Studio

    Modeling, new born baby, wedding, engagement, portrait image editing and enhancement.

  • E-ecommerce

    Mobile accessories, home appliances, footwear, clothing, watches, furniture, etc. photo editing.

  • Travel

    Landscape, people, cultures, customs and history related photos editing, retouching & enhancement.

  • Real Estate

    Residential, commercial, architectural, interiors, exteriors real estate image editing and retouching.

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My images look professional. PhotoAlter has done wonderful job, all the amendments look so natural and flawless. I couldn’t trust my pictures on first look as these are looking stunning with the changes you made. Thank you so much for the exceptional quality delivered by your team. You just made my professional life so much easier!