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Portrait Retouching Services

Portrait Retouching

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I am thrilled to see portraits retouched by PhotoAlter, all are looking cool. I was concerned initially when I decided to outsource portrait retouching but now more than happy with overall experience. I like the level of communication, turnaround and skill of your team. They corrected every single spot I pointed, it looks they are highly experienced in whatever they are doing. I will definitely come back with more pictures soon! Thanks

Daniel Paul
- Owner, Photo Studio

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Portrait Retouching Outsourcing
Want to make your photos look stunning? Acquire our professional portrait retouching services at cost-effective prices.

Our photo retouching experts can improve your ordinary photos by eliminating imperfect skin, spots and wrinkles. We have ability to glamorize portraits with professional touch-up and correction. By correcting color and skin tone, we can make your portraits much lighter and smoother.

Portrait retouching is essential for professional photographers because after taking pictures in a proper lighting sometimes portraits do not come as perfect as needed. In this scenario, studio photographers employ portrait retouching service to make pictures perfect or faultless before delivering to customers. At PhotoAlter.com, we help photographers, studios, advertisement agencies and web based portfolio creating companies to keep their customers delight with digital portrait retouching solutions. With our photo retouching support you can transform odd or damaged individual / group images into dazzling pictures to frame on wall.

The dedicated team of photo editing professionals and our years of experience allow us to deliver small as well as large volume projects ahead of schedule every time. We use latest photo editing software and tools to provide excellent outcome in photo retouching, portrait retouching and photo restoration. Our highly skilled graphic designers can correct or fix all type of picture flaws and defects within a short time period at affordable cost.

Portrait retouching services provided by us include:
  • Color correction
  • Wrinkles removal
  • Skin smoothing
  • Teeth whitening
  • Skin tone correction
  • Contrast and brightness adjustment
  • Eye and lip color changing
  • Eyebrow reshaping
  • Thickening or thinning the lips
  • Nose, eyes and mouth sharpening
  • Face, chin and neck thinning
  • Hair color changing
  • Endorsing heavy makeup or glamour looks
  • Color portrait to black and white conversion
  • Cropping and resizing for fixed layout

PhotoAlter.com is one of the leading portrait retouching companies who offer outstanding results in quick turnaround time. Using our picture retouching techniques, we help you to set focus on key subject in the image. We give special attention to the background color and photo illumination while editing a portrait so that an individual or a group of people can be spotlight effortlessly. Our portrait photo retouching teams are adept in handling a variety of portraits such as family, baby, wedding, couple, pregnancy, fashion, parent & child, school day, black & white and corporate.

We have artistic people with superior understanding to provide valuable and eye-catching results in portraits retouching. PhotoAlter.com has been assisting global clients for flawless portraits editing to boost the growth of their businesses. Our studios and labs clients send us their day to day shoot photos for post-production and we send them back digitally enhanced or retouched portraits for commercial purpose. By outsourcing portraits retouching services to us, you can get advantage of image editing teams specialized in correcting or adjusting color, density, saturation, contrast, brightness, blemishes, filters, noise, grains and much more.

Ask for free quote by emailing us at info@photoalter.com and our sales team will be in touch shortly.

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