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If you are running an ecommerce clothing line, then you need to display your bands with finest quality and modern style. It not only helps to attract buyers but also generate extra revenue from returning visitors. Lots of online apparel store owners are using ghost mannequin photographs on their shopping cart to catch the attention of internet buyers and maximizing profits.

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Converting regular photos into ghost invisible mannequin photographs is actually a very tough task. It requires proper attention to the details and in-depth knowledge on photo editing tools. Therefore, online stores look for a partner who can deal with this process professionally. We at have needed experience and expertise to transform ordinary photos into appealing ghost mannequin pictures. Our professionals facilitate you to show your apparel products with correct color, fabric, shape, design and flattering accessories utilizing our spectacularl ghost mannequin photo editing techniques. You can undoubtedly give a competitive edge to your online clothing stores with our ghost invisible mannequin image editing support. has photo editing teams specialized in ghost mannequin garment manipulation and photo enhancement services. Our experience and competence allow us to create flawless dummy pictures for your growing as well as established online stores. We have been assisting various clothing stores for their ongoing mannequin photo editing requirements. The mannequin photo retouching and enhancement team at work closely with each client to understand exact requirements and implement tested techniques to achieve desired results.

Ghost mannequin photo editing services provided by us include:

  • Combining front and back garment shots
  • Enhancing the clothes colors
  • Adjusting the coloring and white balance of your apparel
  • Removing or modifying the background
  • Highlighting style, fit and texture
  • Dynamic, realistic and eye-popping look
  • Removing the mannequin
  • Joining clothing neck
  • Basic touch ups to enhance garments
  • Fine-tuning contrast and brightness

A mannequin is also known as manikin, dummy, lay figure or dress form in the clothing and jewelry market. The sellers use these to present their products in an attractive manner, which help them to make good deals. Our talented workforce committed to provide high quality invisible mannequin image editing and manipulation services at competitive prices. We have a full-size team for mannequin photo enhancement and mannequin photo editing to provide you fastest turnaround time in each project. To award a perfect look, our photo editors get rid of every spot or flaw from your dummy images.

We provide a wide range of mannequin image editing services including mannequin image clipping path, mannequin photo cutouts, ghost mannequin picture editing, ghost image manipulation, etc. We aim at beautifying your fashion mannequin images naturally. Outsource mannequin photo editing services to us and concentrate on making healthy relationship with your customers. We employ latest software and tools to enhance or touch-up your ghost mannequin photos. Our image editing professionals can add missing parts or remove unwanted parts to make your mannequin pictures exclusive and stylish. to know more about our ghost mannequin photo editing services.

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You have exceeded my expectations! The team has done wonderful job which depicts your hard work clearly. I appreciate your attention to the details, all spot are removed successfully and edges looking smooth. I will send you more images to work on as soon as I get from my suppliers. And I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs quality photo editing. Thank you PhotoAlter!